Structural Integration is a series of 12 treatments that is designed to treat the myofascial network of the body from top to toe. Myofascia is a form of connective tissue (like ligaments and tendons), which envelops and gives form to muscles. Dependent on the mechanical force/stress that is exerted upon these tissues, results in how dense and unpliable they become as it changes to demand. Therefore structural integration is a very effective treatment of chronic postural problems and ineffective movement patterns.

The first four sessions treat the superficial sleeve of the body. These are muscles which are concerned with movement, but often compensate for weaknesses/imbalances in our core/deeper muscles, ultimately affecting our movement patterns and causing pain. The second four sessions re-engage our core muscles that are responsible for maintaining our posture, thus developing an inner strength so that the superficial sleeve can move freely. The last four sessions look at integrating these two layers together so they work as a whole entity, not a series of parts.


Marie Steadman

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