Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20th century. The word means “Universal Life Energy” in Japanese.

It is form of “hands on healing” which works on balancing areas of blocked  or weakened energy. Reiki is not massage. The client remains clothed and the treatment is carried out with the patient lying or sitting, whichever is more comfortable. The practitioner places his/her hands gently on or above the body of the recipient in a number of  non intrusive positions working down the body.

The therapist will ask the client a few questions at the start of the treatment but will generally not speak during the session. Some people feel heat from the practitioner’s hands during the process or other feelings such as tingling or floating. Reiki is a very calming treatment and can help still the mind, reduce stress and assist relaxation both emotionally and physically. It is beneficial for everyone and will not interfere in any way with conventional treatments.


Julia Thompson

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