Sessions using the Pilates reformer offer a completely different Pilates experience with fantastic health benefits.

The Pilates reformer and chair are machines designed by Joseph Pilates which offer a great resistance based workout. These personalised 1:1 sessions are individually designed for you to maximise the benefits and to help you really feel the muscles which are targeted in mat classes.

If you are unsure what you should be feeling or where these machines can help you identify key areas so that when you return to class you are able to work to the best of your ability.

  • The reformer is the perfect partner for rehabilitation, offering a safe way of getting things moving again in correct alignment, with exercises designed specifically for your needs.
  • Feeling strong and want to get stronger? These sessions are perfect for challenging people who are already fit and healthy. The machines can also offer a demanding session which will re-balance alignment and help you get the most out of your chosen sport. Whether it’s running, golf, tennis, cycling, squash or skiing, Pilates will aid posture, alignment and stamina.


Sessions are £45 each with Paula Edmonds who also offers a free 20-minute taster session on the Pilates reformer.