Modern advances in body imaging has handed researchers tools to investigate the ‘altered state of consciousness’ said to characterize hypnosis.

Brain activity imaging of subjects during hypnosis shows changes in electrical activity supporting the idea that Hypnotherapy helps lessen activity in the “executive function” areas of the brain, the conscious areas, and the areas of the brain associated with survival responses, sub conscious.

What is it that is holding YOU back?

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you can’t do all the things you had planned.  You can react in one of two ways – ‘right how can I make the best of a bad job” or ‘OMG why me!  How am I going to cope?” One reaction sees you moving forward on another track and the other?  Well you may end up doing nothing at all except pushing against a door that is firmly closed, wasting energy, getting frustrated, angry and even depressed.

When you are ready to make changes, talking things through may help because if you keep doing the same thing you WILL get the same outcome!

Every process of change starts with a single step – it doesn’t matter how small – just take that step and book a free 20 min chat to formulate a personalised course of therapy.



Terri Richmond