Hawaiian Massage (also known as Lomi Lomi) is a unique, flowing, all body massage with oils. This treatment can improve lymphatic-, immune- and digestive system functioning; revitalise tired muscles and helps to cope with the demands of a busy lifestyle and modern living.

The practitioner uses hands, forearms and body weight in movements of varying intensity all around the body that is deeply relaxing and powerfully healing.  Hawaiian massage has the ability to go to the core of one’s being and reunite body and mind with spirit.

Please note that the treatment time for a first appointment will include an initial health consultation with the practitioner prior to the massage.  It is essential that the practitioner is aware of any health implications.  During the massage your body will be covered with a sarong, except areas on which the practitioner is working on. You have the choice to be wearing underwear or to fully undress depending upon your level of preference and comfort. The treatment will be carried out with fluid movements using organic coconut oil.

To book your massage please call reception on 01858 410820
Hawaiian massage – High tide– All body treatment: first session 1.5 hours £65, follow up 1 hour 15 minutes £55;
Hawaiian massage – High tide treatment package, 10 follow up treatments £495.
Hawaiian massage – Waves – Short version 1 hour £45.

The energizing and revitalizing effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent as an invocation for positive change on all levels.

Benefits to the physical body:

  • Deeply relaxes and calms
  • Improves all systems and organs, cleansing and detoxifying
  • Brings harmony and balance
  • Activates sensory awareness of the flesh through to the bones
  • Energises and revitalises
  • Beautifies and improves posture

Benefits to the mind:

  • Quiets the mind creating inner calm and clarity
  • Alters perceptions of Self
  • Builds confidence, enthusiasm and self-esteem
  • Expands life possibilities

Benefits to the heart and soul:

  • Nurtures inner core
  • Restores well-being
  • Awakens aliveness
  • Connects with self-knowing and self-loving
  • Inspires our potential



Ildi Miklos