Psychotherapy is the practice of alleviating psychological distress through discussion between client and therapist, it is often referred to as ‘talking therapy’. There are many types of psychotherapy and many ways of being trained. It is a cooperative process dependent on the therapist and client working together to both understand a client’s distress and to find ways forward suited to his or her personal circumstances and resources.


If you are reading this it is likely that you are looking to change something in your life. When your work or relationships are suffering then it is time to consider psychotherapy:

  • Are you suffering from stress? Are you anxious about something specific (health, job, marriage, money, social situations etc.), or anxious about everything?
  • Are you sad, tired, lacking interest in activities that once appealed to you? Having trouble sleeping, eating too much or too little?
  • Do you find yourself struggling or overwhelmed with anger and frustration?
  • Have you noticed that you are drinking too much or using other substances to self-medicate your unhappiness?
  • Do you struggle making decisions and lack confidence in yourself?
  • Are you overwhelmed and isolated by the experience of grief? Grief is a natural reaction to loss but if you are unable to cope seek support.
  • As a couple are you distant or arguing all the time? Is your marriage a source of distress? Have you had an affair and are struggling with the repercussions?

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Nicola Flinn

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