Emma Bradbury

After many years of fitness training as a client, Emma decided on a career change in 2006.  Initially qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Emma has developed her knowledge of fitness and movement becoming a fully qualified Pilates Teacher.

In 2008 Emma joined the neurological rehabilitation specialists at PhysioFunction and helps clients with strokes, acquired brain injuries and other neurological conditions to attain their physical fitness goals.

Emma gained her REPS Level 3 Pilates qualification with Modern Pilates ® and has since gone on to train and qualify with Body Control Pilates ®.

Emma loves Pilates. It enables her to re-educate clients’ movements empowering them to take ownership and control as they are able to fully understand the movements of their own bodies.

Pilates helps you to work on correct movement patterns, which in turn allow you to move more efficiently. By working in good alignment you will become more in tune with your body and more mindful in your movement.

Classes: Pilates Classes and Reformer Sessions