At Archway Health Hub we have a great team of skilled and experienced practitioners of complementary medicine.

‘We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’

Every person who works at Archway Health Hub must be both a committed practitioner and keen to work collaboratively as a member of a close knit team, where each member puts the needs of their patient first.  By working as a team, we gain an understanding of each others’ therapies and the experience to know when a patient would benefit by being referred to somebody else.

‘This is our real strength, we’re a team’.

Our practitioners are also keen and able to work co-operatively with practitioners of conventional medicine to help each patient to optimal health.

All practitioners are members of their respective professional bodies, and are bound by their relevant codes of hygiene, ethics, discipline and confidentiality between patient and practitioner.

Practitioners are committed to continually improving and updating their practice skills.