Spire Healthcare and Archway Health Hub bring physiotherapy services to Market Harborough

Archway Health Hub has joined forces with private healthcare provider Spire Healthcare to offer the only consultant-backed physiotherapy service in the town and surrounding villages.

Services are carried out by chartered physiotherapists to provide a truly integrated physiotherapy facility. This includes access to Spire Leicester hospital’s X-ray and MRI services to aid diagnosis. Designed for all types of injury and post-surgery recovery, the link with Spire Leicester creates a simpler and more streamlined service should a consultant referral prove necessary.

The physiotherapy facility runs alongside and complements the acupuncture, chiropractic and massage services currently offered at Archway. Spire’s physiotherapists work closely with consultants and GPs to ensure that patients receive a focused course of treatment for their individual needs. By making these services more accessible at a local level, residents can bypass their GP if they wish, and gain quicker access to treatment.

A report published earlier this year by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy concluded that in excess of 100 million GP appointments could be freed up in England each year by encouraging self-referral for people seeking physiotherapy treatment. At present, the rate of self-referral in England is less than half of that in Wales and just over a third of that in Scotland. With around one third of GP consultations being for a musculoskeletal condition, self-referral would help ease the demand for GP appointments.

To book an appointment call Spire on 01858 322083 or call Archway on 01858 410820