Stephen Rutherford-Bate: Owner Body Fitness PT

Steve’s Story

I’ve always had a passion for exercise and well-being. My lifestyle over the last 10 years has made that more and more difficult, finally, after accruing almost 1 million Airmiles, enough was enough and I quit my role as Account Director of a large multinational. I fully retrained to pursue my passion, lived what I preached, lost 3 stone, ran a marathon, climbed Mont Blanc, and now run my own successful studio and am developing our holistic coaching practice for the future.

There are many of us with similar stories so it’s not just sports professionals our clients deal with, they are real people that truly understand the real pain and obstacles people are faced with on a daily basis. Along with our unique hormonally based approach this gives us an enormous insight into how to help people become their best self!

Qualifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist • NASM Weight Loss Specialist • NLP Practioner

Brijesh Gohil: Coach

Brij’s Story

Brij is the perhaps most regarded by his clients as making things fun and effective (though he has the most questionable music taste of the BodyFitness PT team!).

Previously a manager at Livingwell Health Club, Brij found that he started to lose his touch in fitness due to the pressure to keep on top of his H & S and Sales at the club. Since moving to BodyFitness the change has been well worth it. Be prepared for some fun workouts with plenty of laughs during your session with Brij – he’s got a real aptitude of making exercise fun, diverse AND successful.

Brij has a real passion in weight lifting, combine that with his sports skills and the skills he has picked up at BodyFitness, plus his personality, then POW, You have a Great Winning Formula!!!

Qualifications: Level 3 personal trainer • Pool life guard trained

Nicky Sehgal: Owner Body Fitness PT London

Nicky’s Story

Having struggled to make ends meet as a trainer early in my career – and having seen so many good coaches, trainers and health practitioners have to change career for the same reason – my mission is really to help coaches, trainers and health practitioners sustain a living in helping people like you to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Having transformed 100’s of people’s body shape and lifestyle, there is nothing more powerful than living life on your terms, in the best physical condition you can be. It’s not as hard as you think – it’s more of a process, a journey. It’s not all about the destination either; it’s about enjoying the journey, one workout, one meal and one day at a time.

So if you’re ready to live life on your terms book in for a success strategy session with Body Fitness today.

Qualifications: BSc Sports Science • Dip HE Sports & Fitness Assessments • Group Training Master Coach • Corrective Exercise Specialist • CHEK Exercise Coach & NLC 1 • NASM CPT