Pilates is a method of exercise that evenly conditions the body. It stretches and strengthens all the muscles giving the body a well-defined shape and targets the deep “core” muscles that are so important for good posture.

Pilates concentrates the mind and encourages correct breathing to increase lung capacity and blood circulation. It improves bone density and promotes good joint mobility. It ensures that the right muscles in the body do the right job, thus correcting faulty movement patterns. Pilates dramatically increases core strength and when practised regularly it will produce incredible benefits for your body.

Intelligent exercising

What differentiates Pilates from other forms of exercise is that it is designed to utilise a deep understanding of how the skeletal and muscular framework of the body works. It is therefore extremely safe and beneficial to those with back problems, sports injuries, pre or post-natal as well as those who are 100% fit and want to stay that way.

The growth in its popularity is testimony to how enormously effective the method is. Highly recommended by health professionals, it is considered the way forward for rehabilitation and general wellbeing, whatever your age, as well as the ultimate workout for those who want to greatly improve flexibility, strength and tone.

A Class or a One to One:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have never attended a Pilates class at Archway Health Hub, you must complete the beginners course or attended a 1:1 session with a Pilates tutor prior to booking onto any other Pilates class. Please contact reception for further information 01858 410820

Our Pilates classes are small enough to ensure they can be managed correctly and will suit most people but they can also be taken as individual one to one’s.

Beginners: 4 or 5 week course introducing the basic principles and exercises to enable you to then join an appropriate class.  (Please note that class catch ups and swaps are not possible whilst on this short, intensive course)

Level 1: Perfect for those who want to keep moving and increase awareness of posture, stability and increase endurance. Also a good level to reintroduce you to sessions after injury or absence.

Level 2: Mixed ability classes for those wishing to progress through the lower/ intermediate levels of exercises.

Level 3: More advanced with more flow and challenging exercises.

Refunds policy: Our class numbers are small so we can be hands on with you. We don’t run drop in classes and we can’t run small classes unless you pay regardless of your attendance.  Therefore, you can cancel a block of classes up to 48hours before the new block begins and have a full refund.  After this period we regret we cannot offer any refunds in full or in part. You can now book directly online at www.bookeo.com/archwayhealthhub

The timetable for the next block of classes starting in February is below and can be booked onto via Bookeo.

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees will need to complete a Pilates Enrolment Form – please click here.

acrobatDownload the pdf file and open with Adobe Reader to enable you to fill in the form on screen. If you haven’t got Adobe Reader installed, you can download it by clicking on the image to the right.

The form can then be emailed to reception@archwayhouse.co.uk or printed out to give to the tutor.


June 2018 Timetable
Day Time Start Date No. of Sessions Fee Instructor
Monday 2.00-3.00pm 4 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 1&2
Monday 6.00-7.00pm 4 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 2
7.00-8.00pm 4 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 3
8.00-9.00pm 4 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 1
Tuesday 9.15-10.15am 5 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 1
Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm 6 June 6 £54 Pilates-Level 2
8.00-9.00pm 6 June 6 £54 Pilates-Beginners/Level 1
Thursday 2.00pm 7 June 4 £48 Pilates- Small Group Beginners
Friday 9.30-10.30am 8 June 6 £54 Pilates- Level 2/3
10.30-11:30am 8 June 6 £54 Pilates- Beginners/Level 1
11.30-12.30pm 8 June 6 £54 Pilates- Level 1/2

Equipment: All equipment , including mats, provided.

Bookings: Bookings are confirmed upon payment. Payment can be taken in reception at Archway House or over the phone on 01858 410820.

School summer holidays: During the summer break we run a reduced classes schedule. If tutors book a late week away you will be refunded for that week.