Stress has a hugely negative impact on our happiness, our ability to function, our health and our lives, and most of our stresses are our own thoughts, worries and concerns about either what has already happened or what may happen, few are about what is happening in this moment.   The purpose of the course is to encourage men to try something new and to be more pro-active in their own self-care.

Mindfulness is about being happier, more content, less stressed, less pained.

Mindfulness is exercising the intention to be in the present.

Anyone can learn Mindfulness

It’s simple, you can practise it anywhere, and the results can be life-changing. Research shows some benefits of regular Mindfulness Meditation are:

  • Emotional and psychological well-being
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Better able to manage difficult situations
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Better health and vitality
  • Improved Quality of life

6 Week Mindfulness Course

This is a course not a class, and the aim is to give you the tools to make Mindfulness a part of your life. The 6 week Mindfulness Course will cover:

    • The principles and practice of Mindfulness
    • How to deal with things that get in the way
    • How to develop the practice as part of your every day life

You can now book classes directly online at

Start Date:  • Thursdays 6.45pm
Tutor: Alec Welton Course Fee: £120
Course dates: Start date January 10th 2019
Bookings: Bookings are confirmed upon payment. Payment can be taken in reception at Archway House or over the phone on 01858 410820.