Holistic approach to fitness

This class will consist of a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. It is a scientifically designed sequence with each posture methodically preparing you for the next. Every muscle, ligament, tendon, organ and gland of the body is systematically and progressively worked through the sequence, improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone, circulation, and the body’s ability to eliminate waste.

We add heat!

The studio is heated to help warm up the muscles, prevent injury, allowing a deeper workout which flushes out unwanted toxins and metabolic waste. The cardiovascular system is opened up sending freshly oxygenated blood around 100% of the body. We use heat to stretch more deeply and safely, at a level that is helpful but NOT overpowering; the room is heated to 30-35 degrees celsius compared to that of a Bikram studio: 40-45 degrees celsius.


The class is designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike; no previous experience or level of fitness is necessary.

Hot Hatha Yoga also benefits

Weight loss through increased metabolism, complexion, slowing down of the ageing process, boosted immune system, insomnia, depression, mental clarity and levels of concentration, balancing hormones, regulation of blood sugar levels, prevention of arthritis, reduced stress, higher energy levels, improved posture and overall rejuvenation.

Please arrive prepared

Make sure you are fully hydrated. Make sure you have eaten 2-3 hours before class; don’t practice on a full stomach but at the same time you will need some ‘fuel’ in your system! Dress appropriately: women wear sports tops and bottoms, men wear shorts with or without a T shirt. Please bring a mat and a large towel to place on the mat. Be prepared to work hard and sweat! Classes start on time; no late arrivals please.
Yoga is a moving meditation: please practice silence during class.
See you in the hot room! You can now book directly online at www.bookeo.com/archwayhealthhub

Our class timetables are below and can be booked onto via Bookeo or by calling reception on 01858 410820. The timetable is below and you can find out more at www.hotyogawithharry.com

Day Time Start Date No. of Sessions Fee Instructor
Monday 9.30am 7th Jan 6 £60 Harry Hewetson
Thursday 6.00pm 10th Jan 6 £60 Harry Hewetson
7.00pm 17th Jan 6 £60 Harry Hewetson

Bookings: Bookings are confirmed upon payment. Payment can be taken in reception at Archway House or over the phone on 01858 410820.

School summer holidays: During the summer break we run a reduced classes schedule. If tutors book a late week away you will be refunded for that week.

Refunds policy: Our class numbers are small so we can be hands on with you. We don’t run drop in classes and we can’t run small classes unless you pay regardless of your attendance.  Therefore, you can cancel a block of classes up to 48hours before the new block begins and have a full refund.  After this period we regret we cannot offer any refunds in full or in part.