Archway’s Fitness Class Tutors will help you to achieve your fitness goals:

Emma Bradburyemma-fab

After many years of fitness training as a client, Emma decided on a career change in 2006.  Initially qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Emma has developed her knowledge of fitness and movement becoming a fully qualified Pilates Teacher.

In 2008 Emma joined the neurological rehabilitation specialists at PhysioFunction and helps clients with strokes, acquired brain injuries and other neurological conditions to attain their physical fitness goals.

Emma gained her REPS Level 3 Pilates qualification with Modern Pilates ® and has since gone on to train and qualify with Body Control Pilates ®.

Emma loves Pilates. It enables her to re-educate clients’ movements empowering them to take ownership and control as they are able to fully understand the movements of their own bodies.

Pilates helps you to work on correct movement patterns, which in turn allow you to move more efficiently. By working in good alignment you will become more in tune with your body and more mindful in your movement.

Classes: Pilates Classes

Ann Bridgstock

Ann has been involved in exercise for most of her life, however it wasn’t until she joined a Pilates class herself that she realised the potential of what could be achieved through Pilates. Ann had initially signed up for Pilates to ease out joints that were creaking and stiff, whilst also combating stress, but found that Pilates was something she felt increasingly passionately about. Ann started to train with Body Control London in March 2016 and qualified in December 2016. She has been working constantly since then and has recently completed Osteoporosis training and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation.

Classes: Pilates Classes

Louise Trinder

Louise qualified as a Level 3 teacher with Body Control Pilates, Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation, which uses a method that can work for everyone regardless of fitness level. She is on the Register of Exercise Professionals, adheres to the Code of Practice that govern ethics and teaching standards, holds valid insurance and CPR certification. Louise had been practising Pilates for over 5 years before she decided to become a teacher. She was amazed at the sense of wellbeing it gave her and how just one hour of Pilates at lunchtime would leave her feeling energised and stronger, with a more positive mental attitude. After several years, Louise took the plunge and committed to becoming a Pilates teacher.

Classes: Pilates Classes

 Harry Hewetson

Harry was first introduced to hot hatha yoga in 2009 after being given some classes as a Christmas present. Once the bemusement of such a seemingly inappropriate gift from someone who knows him so well had subsided, he donned his shorts, grabbed his water bottle and headed to the hot room!

The powerful effects of practising ancient hatha yoga postures in the heat helped to iron out all of the aches and pains caused by his physically demanding work as a bath-tub restorer. Regular practice also helped Harry to lose the weight that he had struggled with for so long. An enormous sense of physical and mental well-being and overall rejuvenation continue to grow with his practice.

In the spring of 2013 Harry attended Bikram Choudhury’s internationally renowned 9 week, residential teacher training course. Since then he has been teaching full time in studios around the UK.

Classes: Hot Hatha Yoga

Paul Hodgetts

Hi, my name is Paul and when I am not doing yoga, I enjoy playing golf, watching Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and cooking.

I have been married for 34 years to my wife Judy and we have two grown up children, Chris and Katie.

Professionally, I worked most of my life in senior management positions within the computing industry. The pace and stress of this environment led me to search for an outlet that would provide calmness and stillness – I found this, and more, with yoga.

Yoga is a great tool to deal with life’s stresses. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and recently gained my yoga teaching qualification in India under the guidance of Oceanic Yoga.

It would be great to see you at one of my classes.
Classes: Hatha Yoga

Tracey Gardner

Tracey has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Originally, a professional dancer she has danced all over the world in various shows, including at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. In the early 90’s Tracey trained as an aerobics instructor and has also worked as a course tutor for Loughborough College training other instructors.
Classes: Barre Mix

Henna Pinches

Henna discovered Pilates during her early years of professional dance training.  She has studied contemporary dance worldwide and in universities in England and the USA.  Henna has also been part of several professional dance companies.

Henna teaches Pilates with precision and sensitivity and she applies her knowledge and love of movement to her Pilates sessions. Her Pilates qualifications includes mat work and equipment Pilates and she is currently specialising with pre- and post-natal clients. Henna’s classes are strength based but includes somatic exercises to make the sessions approachable for anyone.

Currently Henna works with clients in London as well as in Northampton and she has wealth of experience in working with different body types and requirements. Pilates can help to recover from injuries, trauma etc. but it can also strengthen and empower the body as well as the mind.  

Classes: Pilates Classes