If you’re looking for a fun way to get fit this autumn that will benefit your mind as much as your body, our Nia – The Joy of Movement class could be just what you’re looking for. We still have a few spaces in our autumn classes, however if you’d like an opportunity to try a class for free to discover what Nia is all about, book a place on our free taster class on Friday 26th October from 6-7pm.Nia instructor Ildiko Miklos

What is Nia – The Joy of Movement?

Nia is a non-impact fitness class suitable for all ages and abilities. There is no need to be fit and certainly no requirement to be able to dance. The class, led by Ildiko Miklos, our certified Nia Brown Belt teacher draws on aspects of healing arts, martial arts and dance arts to create a whole body workout that is designed to improve flexibility, mobility and co-ordination throughout the body.

What does Nia mean?

Nia was originally an acronym for non-impact aerobics, which was founded by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Ayarosas in San Francisco in 1983. At a time when Jane Fonda was leading the craze for high-impact aerobics, Nia was designed for people who needed or wanted a safe non-impact system of exercise that benefited both body and mind. As CEO, Debbie Rosas is still the leader of the Nia technique movement which is practised in over 45 countries across the world.

The mind-body connection

In a Nia class, the focus is always on the connection between the body, mind, emotion and spirit. So as well as improving your physical health and fitness, completing a course of Nia classes will also bring benefits to your day-to-day life in the form of a reduction in stress levels, increased calm and better sleep.

What kind of music is involved?

Unlike most dance classes, which by their nature rely on one genre of music such as ballet or jazz, Nia draws on an eclectic range of music to explore the joy of movement to. Indian, pop, New Age, hip-hop, electronica, jazz and Latin are all musical styles regularly heard in Nia classes.

What dance techniques are used?

There are 52 basic movements in the Nia Technique that are inspired by techniques from the dance genres of jazz, modern and Duncan Dance, a style of dance pioneered by Isadora Duncan, an American dancer who found fame in Europe in the early 20th century. However, it’s important to reiterate that Strictly Come Dancing-style moves are not needed to get the most out of a Nia class!

Nia – The Joy of Movement at Archway Health Hub

Our airy and spacious studio is the perfect setting to practise Nia – The Joy of Movement. Classes are limited to 12 so that there is plenty room to move and so that Ildiko can give every class member plenty of individual attention. Comfortable clothing and a water bottle are the only equipment needed for Nia, as we dance barefoot. However, if you would like to wear shoes, thin-soled ones will the most suitable.

Find out more

Our Nia – The Joy of Movement class runs on Tuesdays at 11am and Fridays at 6pm and can be booked in a block of six. If you are interested in joining a class part way through a block please call reception on 01858 410820 to find out if there are any spaces left.  You can book your place on the free taster class on October 26th here.