With the first ever Archway House Market Harborough Triathlon taking place on the 7th September 2014, now’s the time to consider the benefits of sports massage, both before and after race day.

So what is a sports massage?

Sports massages are designed to release any built up muscle tension and restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system, giving huge physical and physiological benefits. Contrary to popular belief, sports massages are not only for those with injuries, but can be used by athletes and non-athletes alike. Sports massage can increase sporting performance, help to maintain overall body condition, prevent injury, and reduce the recovery period after injury.

What are the physical benefits?

Increased flexibility – Sports massage stretches muscle tissues in all directions, allowing a release of tension and pressure, enhancing flexibility.

Better tissue permeability – Massage helps the tissues membrane pores to widen, permitting fluid and vital nutrients to get through. This means that lactic acid will be removed quickly, whilst oxygen and nutrients are able to get through, aiding recovery.

Realignment of scar tissues – Scar tissue is formed when a muscles receives injury or trauma. If this is incorrectly treated at the time, scar tissue can form randomly, causing issues with flexibility. Sports massage can target this, realigning the tissue.

What are the physiological benefits?

Less pain – A build-up of tension and waste products in a muscle can results in pain, and so sports massage targets this build up. Massage also encourages a release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain and stress fighters.

Relaxation – Sports massage creates heat generation, enhanced circulation and increased flexibility, all of which aid relaxation.

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