In the modern day, employers have to make a significant investment to comply with health and safety legal requirements.

Some of the time this can be reactive, because of an event that has happened, but for problems such as posture, preventing it before the problem becomes intolerable is necessary.

The process of poor posture

While accidents result in immediate time off for employees, problems with posture and the spine are from a series events built up through the years. Poor posture is a cause of back pain, stress and repetitive strain injury. This results in reduced productivity, poor employee health, low morale, and higher costs over a longer term.

Ill effects will begin as slight discomfort and may remain at a very low level, but if the problem is not rectified it won’t disappear by itself and will worsen and may become intolerable.

What to do with poor posture

It’s important to take action of the ergonomics of the workplace before negative effects begin to be seen in the productivity and attendance of employees. A workstation evaluation will show how a desk and seating should be positioned to avoid problems with posture.

With greater efficiency, compliance with law and lower risk of absence all benefits to investing in workplace posture, what have employers got to lose?

Workplace wellbeing

Poor posture is just one of the reasons that we set up our workplace wellbeing programme in Market Harborough. It’s not just physical stress, emotional stress is a large factor in the working environment. At Archway Health Hub, we have treatments and programmes for both physical and emotional stress.

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Workplace health workshop

If you’re interested in finding out more about all areas of workplace health, including employee posture, attend our free ‘introduction to workplace health’ workshop on Tuesday 20th June. More details can be found here.