The New Year is infamously a time of year for people to make resolutions and changes to their lives for the better. One of the most popular utterings on January 1st is to get fitter and maybe shift some of the weight put on over the Christmas period.

At a time of year when there’s a chill in the air, getting outside and exercising can be easier said than done. But with a whole host of fitness classes at our health centre in Market Harborough, we have space for you and your friends and family too.

Our first class of 2018 will be Hot Hatha Yoga which will begin on January 4th. An inviting proposition, given the time of year!

What is hot yoga?

The name says it all, really. The class is traditional hatha yoga done in a room that is heated to around 30-35 degrees Celsius. The heat helps to warm up the muscles, prevent injury, allowing a deeper workout which flushes out unwanted toxins and metabolic waste.

We follow the simple saying: Hot enough to limber but not too hot to hinder!

Our Hot Yoga instructor Harry teaches the Bikram series, a dynamic sequence of 26 hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises – ideal for new and experienced students alike.

Hot Yoga can help with weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, anxiety and depression, hormonal balance, complexion and arthritis.

Hot yoga class in Market Harborough

Our Hot Hatha Yoga course includes sessions that take place once per week. There are four options for taking part in our January-February Hot Hatha Yoga courses:  Thursdays (commencing January 4th) at 6-7pm, 7pm-8pm or 8:15-9-15pm and Mondays (commencing January 8th) 8th 9:30-10:30am.

Classes commencing on January 4th include six sessions and the one commencing January 8th includes five sessions.  To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book on to a class sooner rather than later. These classes are extremely popular and frequently sell out.

You can book your place here or if you would like to book a single session to try before you book a full course, call our reception on 01858 410820.