Perhaps it’s a bid to get home from the gym that bit quicker or maybe it’s not fully understanding the benefits stretching, but many people undervalue the importance of stretching after their workout.

They argue that stretching isn’t necessary for them and is only needed in exercises where flexibility is needed such as Yoga and Pilates. Once their workout is done, they are finished and immediately on their way home.

Yes, doing the workout is the most important thing but stretching supports the exercise and helps us meet goals faster, with fewer aches and pains along the way. Whether it’s wanting to lose weight, improve fitness or increase muscle mass, we all have goals when we exercise and stretching helps achieve goals.

The greatest analogy to our muscles is a rubber band. If you extend a band that hasn’t been used, it will almost snap. Comparatively, the more you use the rubber band the more flexible and stronger the band will be. The same can be said for stretching; you’re less likely to incur injuries further down the line and your muscles will grow and develop faster if you stretch.

Benefits stretching after workout

Eliminate lactic acid

When you work out, lactic acid will build up in your muscles. This is what leads to the muscle soreness and fatigue that you feel the days after a workout. By stretching after the workout, you eliminate lactic acid and relax the muscles.

Pain prevention

An intense workout, especially on with weights, will leave your muscles sore for the following days. It’s impossible to completely eliminate this soreness but stretching after exercise certainly minimises the large extent of the pain. If your muscles remain tight, you run the risk of injuries.


The main benefit of stretching in the increased flexibility of different muscle groups. Flexibility is important in achieving the range of motions necessary for certain exercises and helps to reduce muscular tension. By stretching, you will find it easier to complete workout exercises.

What happens if you don’t stretch?

By choosing not to stretch, you are increasing tightness in your body. This reduces the range of mobility within a number of joints and muscles, leaving you susceptible to injury; even more so for runners and weight lifters.

Sports massage in Market Harborough

If you’re noticing any niggles or problems developing, a sports massage is a powerful and effective way to treat soft tissue injuries. Exercise does take its toll on the muscles so it’s important to take care of them as well as possible.

Sports massages likewise relieve pain, improve circulation and increase the range of motion. At Archway Health Hub we have two qualified sports massage practitioners: Laurie and Marie. To book your massage, call reception today on 01858 410 820.