We’re delighted to welcome our new addition to the Archway Health Hub team of class tutors, Hatha Yoga instructor Paul Hodgetts. After practising yoga for over a decade, Paul recently formalised his expertise by travelling to the western coast of India to gain his teaching qualification in yoga at the internationally-regarded Oceanic Yoga school in Goa.

What is Hatha Yoga?Man doing yoga

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ‘ha’ means ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ means ‘moon’, meaning that ‘hatha’ means ‘balance.’ Hatha yoga is an enjoyable, accessible and relaxing way to take a break from day-to-day life and regain a sense of balance and alleviate stresses and strains, both physical and mental.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga

Paul’s new vocation as a professional Hatha Yoga teacher comes after a long career spent in senior management positions within the often stressful field of the computing industry. It was the demanding nature of Paul’s job that led him to find Hatha Yoga as he sought a way to deal with the rigours of the corporate world. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga can help all of us optimise our precious health and well-being by uniting our minds, bodies and souls to ease tensions and even reduce inflammation, the immune system’s natural response to infection, injury and stress.

What’s involved in a class?

Paul’s course is suitable for any level, including beginners. It follows a traditional hatha yoga sequence, while relaxing, having fun and finding a sense of increased calm. Each class has a different theme, such as breath, balance, core and improving back strength.

What do I need to bring?

Women should wear sports tops and bottoms and men should wear shorts with or without a T-shirt. Bear in mind that although this is not a hot yoga class, the room is heated between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, so it will be warm. You also need to bring your own yoga mat. To get the most from your class, it’s best to eat 2-3 hours before it begins.

Hatha Yoga with Paul at Archway House

To celebrate Paul joining our team, we are offering two free taster Hatha Yoga classes on Tuesday 16th May from 6.00- 7.00pm and Wednesday 17th May from 9.15-10.15am. Book online or call our reception on 01858 410820 to secure your place.