Archway Health Hub’s Paul Hodgetts is bringing Hatha Yoga to the great outdoors this July with free sessions in Welland Park at 10am on Saturday mornings. The classes are timed to run after Market Harborough’s hugely popular weekly 5k Parkrun in Welland Park.Woman doing yoga in a park

Yoga for all

The sessions, which last around one hour and are being run in conjunction with Harborough District Council, are suitable for all ages and abilities. This ties in with the ethos of Parkrun itself which is popular with a huge range of runners, from those who race round the course to achieve a sub 20 minute time, to those who use the weekly event as a chance to get active by gently jogging or walking. “With the glorious weather we’ve been having recently, it seemed like a great opportunity to take yoga outdoors and introduce it to Market Harborough’s large community of Parkrunners,” says Paul Hodgetts.

Hatha Yoga for runners

All runners know the importance of stretching before and after their run, but Hatha Yoga takes the recovery process to a whole new level. Running has myriad health benefits but as it’s a repetitive activity it can put strain on muscle groups such as calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and the muscles of the outer hip and thigh. Practising Hatha Yoga can help runners strengthen their core, feet and ankles, improve their posture and lengthen tight muscles, increasing flexibility.  Indeed, the benefits of Hatha Yoga are such that elite athletes like Andy Murray and Joe Hart have incorporated it into their training.

The mind body connection

A welcome benefit that runners often feel after pounding the pavements is a reduction in stress levels and an increase in sleep quality. Hatha Yoga, with its equal focus on calming the mind as well as strengthening the body, can enhance this wonderful feeling of wellbeing that exercise can bring. Hatha yoga also focuses on the breath, an important area for runners to control as they aim for a personal best at Parkrun.

Hatha yoga with Paul at Archway Health Hub

Those who enjoy their Hatha Yoga sessions in the park can join Paul at Archway Health Hub for one of his popular classes.  After his summer classes, Paul will be teaching two 7 week courses; Dynamic Hatha Yoga from August 28th at 7pm and Beginners’ Hatha Yoga from August 29th at 9.15am.

For more information on Hatha Yoga courses, or any of our other classes at Archway Health Hub, please call our reception on 01858 410 820 or email us at