Every year we all make New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions can be tiny ones that make little changes to the way we go about our daily lives or the can be more drastic and lead to life-changing decisions.

Nutrition for exercise

More often than not, these resolutions are focused on health and improving fitness. If you’re struggling to come up with some fitness New Year’s resolutions for 2018, here are some examples:

Train for a 5k

Everyone can take up running, no matter how fast or slow you might go. By setting a distance as a goal, it can give you something to aspire to when starting out and 5k is a beginner-friendly, realistic target. If you’re more experienced, how about a 10k, half-marathon or, dare we say it, marathon?

Walk more

It may not be a flashy new health trend but walking is an easy addition to your routine that can improve fitness. Benefits of adding walking to your routine include improved mood, lessen back pain and idea generation.

Whether it’s walking to work or going out for half an hour every other night, add walking to your routine in 2018. You can track your daily footsteps and set targets with an app that can help to motivate you to put your walking shoes on.

Support others with your fitness knowledge

If you are a long-term fitness lover, you may already be in good shape. If this is the case, a New Year’s resolution for you could be to support others who are trying to improve their fitness. There may be a friend or family member who keeps mentioning that they want to get fitter. Help them by giving them advice and doing workouts and classes together. You’ll have yourself a new fitness buddy, too!

Post workout-care

Many overlook massages and exclude them from their fitness regimes. However, massages can prevent injuries and improve recovery time. Treating your body after exercise is essential if you want to boost your workout performance so make sure you focus on post-workout care in 2018.

Try new classes

Have you got a fitness class in mind that has always taken your fancy but you’ve never committed to taking part in a session? The New Year can be a good time to try something new and rejuvenate your fitness routine with something different. Browse the range of classes available at our health centre here.

Archway Health Hub is here to support you and your goals for 2018. For more information about the classes and treatments available, call our reception on 01858 410 820.