With Men’s Health Week running from June 11th – 17th, it’s hoped more men will be inspired to take action to improve their health and wellbeing. Here at Archway Health Hub, we offer a wide range of options for men looking to boost their physical and mental health. Man in suit relaxing on grass

Sports massage

The rise in popularity of cycling and running has had a hugely positive effect on men’s health in recent years. However, if you are regularly pounding the pavement or conquering hills on a bike, it can take a toll on your body, particularly in middle age and beyond. At Archway Health Hub our therapists Marie Steadman, Laurie Pratt and Zoe Pearson offer bespoke sports massage tailored for a range of needs including treating soft tissue injuries, speeding up the dispersal of lactic acid and alleviating muscle fatigue while enhancing muscle growth and repair. Not only that, potential problems can be identified and treated before they become an issue.

Pilates and yoga

These may be gentler forms of exercise than traditional male-dominated testosterone-fuelled sports, but many men, including elite athletes, swear by yoga or Pilates. Although they are very different disciplines, they both offer similar benefits in terms of improved muscle strength and tone, increased flexibility, injury prevention, stress reduction and more. And anyone who still thinks these are feminine disciplines should bear in mind that two of our yoga teachers at Archway Health Hub, Harry Hewetson and Paul Hodgetts, are men!


Stress in the workplace and at home can creep up on us almost without us realising it. This is particularly true for men, who are statistically less likely to talk about their problems or seek out solutions to combat them before they threaten to become overwhelming. The practice of mindfulness, which means learning to become fully present in each moment, is a fantastic tool to help you cope with both the demands of everyday life and more challenging periods. Our 6-week mindfulness stress reduction courses run by Alec Welton are an ideal introduction to this life-enhancing practice.

Counselling and psychotherapy

The fact that men are still 3 ½ times more likely than women to end their lives by suicide is a stark reminder that when it comes to removing stigmas so that men feel more able to open up about mental health issues, we still have a long way to go. At Archway, our practitioner Nicola Flinn can help you explore and find strategies to help resolve issues that are taking over. Talking to a therapist can help with general anxieties and stress or specific problems such as a breakdown of a relationship.

For information on these, or any of the many other treatments and classes we offer, please contact our reception on 01858 410 820.