There are so many articles telling you what, why and when you should eat before and after a workout. With so many people telling you different things, it can be confusing choosing who to trust.

Ultimately, the biggest battle is doing the actual exercise. Deciding when you should eat before and after the workout, and what it is you should be eating, aren’t as important as getting out there and exercising. The foods simply support you in reaching a goal.

At Archway Health Hub, we firmly believe that by exercising and eating well you will lead a healthy lifestyle. But there are different recommendations depending on what your actual workout goal is. Are you striving to lose weight, improve your fitness or gain muscle? There is a different set of foods that can help you when you eat them before a workout.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Increase energy

If you are really in the mood to push yourself in a workout, you will need some energy in the tank to get you over the line. There’s not much worse than exercising on an empty stomach cause that means you’ll be low on energy.

Eat food such as sweet potato, avocado, vegetables and salad an hour or more before the workout. If you’re short on time, have a fruit smoothie. The natural sugars will give you a re-energising boost.

To lose weight

A lean meal two hours before and maybe a small snack 30-60 minutes before a workout is suited to losing weight. When aiming to lose weight you should eat smaller portions before a workout.

Foods should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Try salmon, tuna, egg whites and salad. When you do have carbs, make sure that they are complex carbs (whole grain, oats etc.) as these are slower to burn meaning they leave you fuller for longer.

Gain muscle

If your goal is to build muscle, you’ll need more protein in your diet. You should have a pre-workout meal made up of complete protein sources such as egg whites, chicken and turkey within 3 hours of the workout. Pre workout snacks that are high in healthy fats and protein such as nuts are also beneficial.

We have a range of fitness classes in Market Harborough that can help you reach your goal, in a fun and engaging way. If you are interested in learning more about the foods you should be eating, speak to one of our practitioners.

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