Believe it or not, bootybarre is not really about the aesthetics of your booty – it’s all about strength.

The booty is home to a set of muscles that are involved in every major movement we make – walking, running, jumping, lifting, sitting, standing. The ‘glutes’ (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) are fundamental to movement, indeed the gluteus maximus muscles are the biggest, most powerful muscles in the human body. Strong glutes enable us to perform our everyday tasks with ease and are imperative to anyone who participates in any kind of sport or physical exercise.

Sedentary lifestyle, sitting for hours each day, teach the glutes to be lazy and this can cause physical problems. Weak glutes can cause muscular imbalances triggering problems such as back pain and even seemingly unconnected injuries such as ankle or knee problems.

So, bootybarre to the rescue! The class works to strengthen the glutes to help injury prevention, aid rehabilitation and enhance posture. It’s no wonder that regular attendees are running more miles in faster times, skiing for longer and having more fun racing around with the children. A strong booty has so many more advantages than just looking good.

And what about the barre? Many of the exercises demand an element of balance (this challenges our core throughout the class). Exercises with bodyweight supported on one leg whilst the other is raised are prevalent and the barre, quite simply, provides an aid to balance.

So, by taking bootybarre classes you will develop a strong booty whilst working at the barre. But make no mistake bootybarre is a TOTAL body workout, try it and see for yourself!