Pilates isn’t anything new. At Archway Health Hub, we’ve had a dedicated Pilates space for over 10 years, offering an expanding range of classes and services so there is sure to be something just right for you.

If you’ve never attended a Pilates class with us, you’re in for a treat. Our classes are small enough to ensure they can be managed correctly but they can also be taken as individual one to ones. Although not a new class, we’re constantly finding new customers come in to try the exercise. Here’s why 2018 should be the year you take it up:

Reduce back pain

Is that niggle in your back just not going away? Is mobility becoming more and more of a problem? Instead of making do with the problem, do something about it. By stabilizing the core’s lower-back region, Pilates alleviates stress on the area and reduces back pain. Just four weeks of Pilates can bring more relief that visiting a physician.

Get focused

With so much going on in our lives, it can be difficult to step back, relax and declutter your mind. Pilates works to get you focused solely on breath, body, and how they move together.


“I’m not flexible” and “I’m the least bendy person going”. If these ring true, these aren’t reasons for not doing Pilates. They are the opposite. The practice improves flexibility.

Improve posture

With most of us chained to a desk most days, our posture can pay the price. Pilates courses develop strength and correct posture in the key areas of the hips/lower back, upper back and neck. This all helps to counteract the slouching that many of us are unfortunately so used to.

Get those abs

Always wanted a strong core and visible abs? Pilates can help make your abs stronger or give you better muscular endurance in your core. By adding pilates to your fitness regime, Pilates will build lean muscle mass and will help to tone your abs.

There’s a class for your level

We understand that our visitors are all at different levels when it comes to experience in Pilates. We’d hate for this to make people feel like they’re behind or aren’t pushing themselves enough, so we have a range of Pilates classes for different standards.

We have a beginners course that introduces the basic principles and exercises. Once this course has been completed, visitors can take part in level one, two and three classes.

Level 1: Perfect for those who want to keep moving and increase awareness of posture, stability and increase endurance. Also a good level to reintroduce you to sessions after injury or absence.

Level 2: Mixed ability classes for those wishing to progress through the lower/ intermediate levels of exercises.

Level 3: More advanced with more flow and challenging exercises.

From there, we have an intermediate Pilates course for those looking to progress through the lower levels with more challenging exercises.

Pilates classes in Market Harborough

If you’re new to Pilates, we have two upcoming beginners’ courses. The five week course is available to begin on Wednesday 21st February at 6pm or Friday 23rd February at 10:30am. For those more experienced, we have a five week intermediate course beginning on Monday 19th February at 2pm.

To keep up with upcoming beginners Pilates courses, see our timetable here. You can book your place here or can call our reception on 01858 410820.