Barre workouts are increasing in popularity and offer a unique way to improve many aspects of your fitness. Regular class attendance assures improvements in how your body looks and feels, but for me, there’s more to it than that.

What is a barre workout?

You’re familiar with the barre used in ballet training, right? Well, barre workouts take the horizontal handrail and reimagine them for a wide range of exercises. The barre is used as a prop for balance while subsequent exercises focus on isometric strength training.

Top 10 reasons to add a barre workout to a fitness routine

  1. Great for your core. We hear so much about the benefits of a strong core, and it’s all true. This class really is the ultimate core workout; isometric exercises, balancing exercises, the focus on lengthening the spine as well as core specific exercises will quickly improve core strength and endurance.
  1. Your posture will improve. Many people have poor posture but in all honesty, it’s not something that many of us pay attention to. Even one hour at the barre will have you thinking about your posture.
  1. It strengthens your feet and ankles. Numerous knee and hip issues originate with weak feet and ankles. We work barefoot and our exercises will quickly strengthen both.
  1. You improve your balance. Balance is a key, and often ignored, component of fitness. You don’t have to be holding a complex yoga pose or skiing at speed to utilise your balance. Everyday movements such as walking, bending, twisting all incorporate balance. It is integral to our lives. By improving joint stability at the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders, it helps to prevent a large array of injuries.
  1. Your stabiliser muscles get a workout. Every time we move, our stabiliser muscles act to support, limit or assist controlled movement. Our classes consciously work stabiliser muscles to improve their endurance to prevent unwanted movement that can result in injury.
  1. It’s low impact. Our movements, whilst challenging, are easy on the joints.
  1. You will enjoy greater flexibility. Our joints become stiffer and our muscles less supple as we age, meaning that we are more prone to aches, pains and injury. Maintaining flexibility helps decrease the risk of injury and improves physical performance. Improved flexibility also enhances exercise enjoyment as movement feels ‘easier’.
  1. Your body and mind are challenged in a unique way. Barre combines ballet inspired movement, Pilates and yoga (though you really don’t need experience of any of these disciplines to come along). Your body and mind will be kept active and stimulated for the duration of the class. Don’t expect to be able to think about anything other than what you are doing – this is an hour to switch off from life.
  1. It’s fun! Our classes are upbeat with up-tempo music that makes you want to move! Working out with like-minded people will have you smiling inside even if you’re concentrating too much to have an actual smile on your face!
  1. You will leave feeling energised. Just ask someone who attends class! Even if you’ve dragged yourself to class and aren’t really feeling in the mood, you’ll leave feeling glad you attended, with raised spirits and more energy.

Bootybarre in Market Harborough

At Archway Health Hub, amongst our many fitness classes, we have bootybarre. A class that fuses techniques from Pilates, ballet and yoga to offer a fun, challenging workout set to upbeat music.

Despite what the name suggests, bootybarre is a total body workout but will help you to develop a strong booty too! Try it for yourself by booking onto one of the upcoming classes.